Facts regarding Otinova ear spray

Acute otitis externa (OE) is common worldwide and the reported annual incidence of OE varies between 1 to 4%. Topical solutions or suspensions in the form of antibacterial/antifungal ear drops are the mainstays of treatment for external otitis.

What is Otinova ear spray?

Otinova ear spray is a self-care product that contains no antibiotics. Otinova consists of aluminum acetate/acetotartrate and acetic acid, known as Burow's solution. Otinova ear spray is CE marked and is the only medical device that is registered with the Medical Products Agency for the indication prophylaxis and treatment of otitis externa.

When to use Otinova ear spray?

Otinova ear spray can be used both for prophylaxis and treatment. If treatment is started as soon as the first symptoms such as itching occur in the ear  the entire problem can be easily stopped. If OE is already established, with ear pain, Otinova can replace a large proportion of the prescription drugs available to treat external otitis.

How does Otinova ear spray work?

Otinova acts locally, is astringent, relieves itching and has an antibacterial and anti-fungal effect. The antimicrobial and clinical effects of Otinova are scientifically and clinically documented.

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