Otinova ear spray, mode-of-action

Otinova is a non-prescription, self-care product that prevents and treats ear canal inflammation known as otitis externa or swimmer’s ear. Both adults and children can use Otinova, which is easy to apply with its spray function. After treatment, itching and pain in the ears disappears. Unlike many prescription ear drops Otinova is completely free of antibiotics.

How does Otinova work?

Otinova acts locally, is astringent, relieves itching and has an antibacterial and anti-fungal effect.

What does Otinova contain?

Otinova contains aluminium acetate and aluminium acetotartrate (1.8% aluminium), acetic acid, water, pH 3-4 (Burow’s solution). Volume 15 ml.

Dosage instructions

Spray 1–2 times in the ear canal, morning and evening. Tilt the head after spraying so that the fluid runs as far as possible down into the ear canal. Wipe away any excess fluid. Do not use Otinova for a continuous period of more than 7 days. Click here for Package Insert Leaflet.

Purchase Otinova

You can purchase Otinova without prescription at your local pharmacy or online. Buy Otinova ear spray.

Otinova ear spray is registered by the Medical Products Agency for the indication prophylaxis and treatment of external otitis. Otinova is classified as a medical device, class I, according to rule 5 in Annex IX of the MDD 93/42/EEC.