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    Swedish success solution against external otitis changes ownership

    ABIGO Medical AB acquire Uppsala-based Amellnova AB, which will become part of the Abigo group. Otinova, used for treatment of inflammation of the ear canal (external otitis) has been Amellnova’s bestseller and will strengthen Abigo’s position within the therapeutic area of Ear, Nose & Throat (ENT), by offering prescription free drugs within the entire range of self-care products for the ear/ear canal.

    Through its products Vaxol, Otovent and Otinova, Abigo becomes a strong partner for the health care and pharmacy industry within the therapeutic area for ENT. Abigo strengthens its position within health care and self-care, focusing on fighting antibiotic resistance as well as providing top of the line products which prevents and treats infections effectively.

    Each year, over 100 000 people in Sweden are affected with external otitis (inflammation of the ear canal). Until now, the treatment has mostly consisted of prescription type drugs containing steroids and antibiotics, something Abigo will substantially improve on by offering Otinova, free of both steroids and antibiotics. Otinova prevents and treats effectively and is prescription free to great benefit for the healthcare industry and individuals affected by external otitis.

    – Otinova is a valuable addition to Abigo, a very interesting product and market success which also carries a lot of potential for the future. Abigo is a full service pharmaceutical and medical technology company. We have the competency and resources to develop a broader product portfolio and thus increase our sales substantially, a most exciting opportunity.  We will consolidate the interest for Otinova in Scandinavia and then in the rest of the nordic region and further on globally. We are already marketing our products successfully in over 65 countries says Jan G. Smith, CEO, Abigo.

    – Abigo have the power to market Otinova in many more markets than Amellnova had. Its full potential will now be reached optimally. In addition, Otinova complement other Abigo products excellently. Abigo now has three products within this product area in its portfolio and that will give Otinova the prerequisites to become the great product success it deserves, says Claes Lundberg, founder of Amellnova.

  • ÖNH-dagarna i Linköping 2018Amellnova participated as an exhibitor at the ENT days in Linköping April 10-13 2018. The meeting gathered 475 Swedish ENT specialists.

  • Amellnova participated as an exhibitor at Tema Hörsel March 13-15 2018 in Örebro. The meeting gathered 370 audiologists.

    Tema Hörsel 2018

  • Otivova presented for Danish ENT doctors

    Amellnova participates as an exhibitor at the annual meeting of Danish Society of Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (DSOHH) at Hotel Nyborg Strand, April 20 – 21. The meeting is attended by 250 Ear-Nose-Throat specialists. Otinova has recently been introduced to the Danish market and this is the first time the antibiotic-free non-prescription ear spray is presented to Danish ENT doctors.

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